When Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner?

29July 2019

During the summer months in the Conroe area, your air conditioner is worth its weigh in gold. Just think about life without it, especially if you live in a hot and humid region. If your air conditioner is acting up, you need to decide whether to have it repaired or replaced. Replacing your air conditioner can be costly. You want to make sure you’ve gotten every bit of life out of it before installing a newer model.

To prevent minor A/C problems from becoming worse, we recommend an inspection by a professional A/C technician. Do-It-Yourself repairs can quickly become very costly.

Problems That Can Be Repaired

  1. Insufficient refrigerant can cause leaks. Call an A/C technician to repair any holes.
  2. The evaporator coils can freeze and develop an ice buildup. When this occurs, your air conditioner will blow warm rather than cold air. This may indicate the need for new air filters.
  3. If you’re A/C fan is not blowing properly, your home isn’t being cooled. This problem should be seen to immediately as it can lead to compressor failure and the ultimate demise of your air conditioning system.
  4. Your duct systems can develop holes due to improper sealant. Any holes in your ducts are likely to result in a leak that can prevent your air conditioner from working properly. Call an A/C technician to seal any holes in your ducts.
  5. Old-fashioned dial thermostats can easily misread your instructions. This can be solved by installing a new thermostat that is programmable.
  6. If your air conditioner is less than ten years old, it is likely that you can make the needed repairs to keep it going.

An annual A/C maintenance check will keep the above problems at a minimum and add to the life of your air conditioner.

When to Replace Your Air Conditioner

  1. If your air conditioner is more than 15 years old, you should consider having it replaced. As your A/C ages, the repair costs will probably be higher than the cost of installing a replacement that is likely to be more energy efficient.
  2. Replace your air conditioner at any age if the repair bills are too high. The average cost of a replacement unit will be around $5,000. See how that stacks up against your repair bills.
  3. If you have high energy bills each month, your air conditioner could be the culprit. Following an evaluation by a trained technician, you might find it more cost effective to purchase a more efficient type of air conditioner.
  4. Unusual grinding noises or banging from your air conditioner could indicate a serious problem. Have a trained technician check the problem as soon as possible. If a belt has slipped out of place or parts of the motor bearings are broken, it might be less expensive to replace the A/C system than to repair it.

You don’t want to find yourself without a working air conditioner in the midst of summer. An annual A/C inspection in the spring will ensure that your system is in proper working condition or that a new air conditioner has been installed when you really need one.