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#1 Residential Air Duct Services

At Reliable Air & Heat, we understand the crucial role air ducts play in your home’s heating, cooling, and overall indoor air quality. The efficiency and integrity of your air duct system directly affect your comfort, health, and wallet. Recognizing the challenges and inefficiencies caused by faulty ductwork, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to address every aspect of your air duct needs.

Leaky and Inefficient Air Ducts

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Star program highlights that leaky ducts, especially those in attics or crawlspaces, can result in 20% or more of a home’s heating and cooling energy losses. Such inefficiency not only leads to higher utility bills but also makes it challenging to maintain a comfortable and healthy home environment.

Signs of Problematic Air Ducts

  • High utility bills throughout the year
  • Rooms that are difficult to heat or cool
  • Persistent stuffiness in certain areas, contributing to discomfort
  • Presence of ducts in unconditioned spaces like attics, crawlspaces, or garages
  • Tangled or kinked flexible ducts, which can restrict airflow

Our Solutions

Reliable Air & Heat is dedicated to enhancing your home’s efficiency and air quality through our specialized services.

Do-It-Yourself Fixes for Minor Leaks

For accessible ducts and joints, homeowners can apply mastic or foil-backed tape to seal leaks. It’s important to avoid using duct tape, as it deteriorates over time. For guidance on sealing techniques or materials, feel free to contact us or consult with a knowledgeable representative at your local hardware store.

Professional Air Duct Services

Certain duct issues require the expertise of HVAC professionals. Reliable Air & Heat offers the following professional services to ensure your ductwork is functioning optimally.

Air Duct Insulation

Proper insulation of ductwork maintains the desired temperature of air as it travels through your home, enhancing overall efficiency.

Air Duct Testing

Our certified technicians can measure air pressure in your ducts to identify leakage and efficiency problems, providing targeted recommendations for improvement.

Air Duct Cleaning

Over time, ducts accumulate dust, allergens, and bacteria, which can compromise air quality. Our team thoroughly cleans your ductwork, removing obstructions and contaminants to ensure clean air circulation.

UV Light Installation

Installing a UV light system in your ductwork sterilizes the air, eliminating bacteria, mold, and fungal spores to significantly improve indoor air quality.

Air Duct Replacement

When repair is no longer viable, or if you’re upgrading your HVAC system, duct replacement may be necessary. Our experts ensure high-quality replacement services that uphold your system’s efficiency and your home’s air quality.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Understanding the impact of Indoor Air Quality on your family’s health and comfort, we prioritize solutions that enhance IAQ. From air duct maintenance to advanced purification technologies, our goal is to create a healthier living environment for our clients.

Why Choose Reliable Air & Heat?

Expertise and Experience

Our team of certified technicians is equipped with the knowledge and tools to address any air duct issue.

Comprehensive Services

From simple repairs to complete system overhauls, we offer services tailored to meet your needs.

Commitment to Quality

We use high-quality materials and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure durable and effective solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. We strive to deliver services that exceed expectations.

Contact Us

For more information about our air duct services or to discuss concerns about your home’s ductwork, contact Reliable Air & Heat today or request a service online. Let us help you achieve a more comfortable, efficient, and healthy home environment.

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