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5 Ways to Lower Your Winter Heating Bill

When the temperature gets low, your energy bill gets high. That’s because you spend more time indoors during the winter. And we don’t blame you—it can get pretty cold here in Texas.

But as luck would have it, you can learn several tricks to reduce your energy spending this season. Wouldn’t it be nice to have extra cash for gift shopping in Conroe?

Your air conditioner is hibernating. Now, your heating unit takes up a big share of your energy bill—be it a furnace, heat pump, or boiler. Remember to schedule seasonal maintenance to keep your system running at peak efficiency.

Additionally, consider a replacement if your unit is 10 or more years old. Thanks to newer innovations and regulations, modern gas furnaces burn at up to 97 percent efficiency, according to Consumer Reports. Investing in a replacement will lower your energy bills significantly. Plus, it’s an exciting holiday present to receive (for adults, at least).

The same goes for your water heater. Make sure it’s properly serviced, and don’t hesitate to order a replacement if it’s time.

Reliable Air & Heat wishes you and your family a joyous winter. Our team has compiled helpful ways to help you save during the cold months.

1. Break Out the Comforters and Warm Clothes

Looking for an excuse to wear your snowman sweater more frequently? Keep your home at 68 degrees Fahrenheit and dress in layers to save. When night falls, you can lower the temperature and rely on comforters to keep you warm. Many homeowners find the warm and cool contrast ideal for restful sleep. 

2. Invest in Window Insulation

Is air escaping through the cracks in your window frames? Drafty windows make your heater work longer and harder. This loss of energy adds up significantly at the end of each month. To remedy this issue, cover your windows with polycarbonate sheeting or drape them with thick curtains. Your home will feel more evenly heated, and you’ll save big. 

3. Turn Off Heat While You’re Away

When your home is unoccupied, it makes sense to turn down the heat. Adjust your thermostat 10 to 15 degrees. However, keep in mind subfreezing temperatures—you don’t want your pipes to freeze. 

Did you already leave and forget to adjust the temperature? Avoid this dilemma with a programmable thermostat, another great gift for energy-conscious friends and family members. 

4. Replace Your Furnace Filter Regularly

If you have a furnace, remember to change out your filter once a month. Once it becomes plugged with dust and debris, it can cause airflow problems that overwork your equipment. A clogged filter can be a significant energy drain. Dirty filters are also probably the most common contributing factor to breakdowns. For a stress-free holiday season, keep a clean filter in your furnace at all times. 

5. Insulate Your Attic

If your attic is insulated, your home will stay warm longer with fewer heat cycles. If your attic is drafty, heat will escape, and you’ll use up more fuel. Be sure the upper part of your home is holding heat where it needs to be.

If you need new insulation, you can make it a project or have a professional take care of it. Additionally, a Reliable Air & Heat specialist can perform an energy audit on your home using thermal imagery to pinpoint the areas where heat is escaping. 

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